Medical Discount Plans are emerging as a must for people who do not qualify for health insurance either by having pre-existing health conditions or their immigration status or simply because your budget does not allow them to acquire and maintain this coverage.

Starting in 2004 the Department of Insurance of Florida Statutes provides regulatory medical service such as existed before many irregularities and fraud associated with health care, where people buy these services and when you need them, did not exist, and even many of the companies or medical centers that often not tell the truth about the services they provided.

In my opinion Medical Plans are a great solution for those who refer in the first paragraph of this letter. I have seen during my years of experience in this business three big mistakes: Two of those who sell or advise and one of those who buy.

1. People who sell Discount Plans, without possessing license of Insurance Agents (which is not required under Florida law) but to not be licensed and know no other options or tell lies to push prospects to buy Discount Plan as the only or best option.

NI IS NOT THE ONLY, AND THE BEST OPTION, is simply one more option for a particular market sector, mainly middle and low income, uninsured sick people and social as well as for those who wish, even if eligible for any health insurance.

Similar to the decision of a person to eat “bread and butter.” Where you eat?, In a cafe or a restaurant 5 stars?, Of course you’re eating the same, but vary the quality, comfort and price.

2. Licensees of Insurance Agents who do not know fully how it works Discount Medical Plans and simply engage in that nonsense, covered in their license and scare people who do not qualify for health insurance or do not want to spend so much money in the health care. Basically I have heard it said … “That will not do” and when I ask them why not work, do not know answer or response is unfounded.

3. People buy Discount Plan, do not read the terms and conditions of enrollment, know how the Plan and generally compare with Health Insurance a family member or friend or someone who had at one time.

People who think that just paying the monthly fee, do not have to pay anything more. Some aspire to monthly payments lower than $ 100.00 a month for a family and receive such original drugs with high prices by $ 5 or $ 10 or go to medical appointments without limit during the year, pay $ 5 or $ 10 and ask them to do all existing checks for free.

The aforementioned examples do not exist in the U.S.. In all there are insurance co-pays or deductibles or cost-of-pocket maximum (out pocket maximum) or coinsurance.


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