The Discount Medical Plan is regulated by the Department of Insurance Regulation of Florida, similar to other types of insurance. The DMPO must be submitted and approved by the department and meet the requirements of Florida Statutes.

The DMPO is a great solution, DMPO is not insurance or try to replace:

  • No matter what health conditions (disease, taking medications),
  • Regardless of immigration status,
  • No matter the age, sex, height and weight,
  • Low income and there are several people in the family,
  • The immediate and unlimited access to services,
  • The fixed monthly payment for the time of affiliation,
  • Prices of services or pre-negotiated discounted prices;
  • You do not need referrals for specialty visits,
  • You get the service on the network,
  • In most cases, all appointments are made by companies DMPO
  • There are no deductibles, coinsurance or lifetime maximum.

Members must understand this concept, for better utilization of the benefits and services. All services and benefits must be paid at the time of receipt.

A DMPO companies are prohibited from making payments to service providers, these companies can only pre-negotiate the prices of services and prices may vary according to different providers, specialty and location.

In cases of emergency hospitalization, but these companies can negotiate price discounts pre-contracted by the national networks. The discount prices can be higher than 30% to 70 or 80%. In some cases, hospitals are required a minimum payment before discharge, which adds to the final bill. In some cases of elective surgery hospitals require payment prior to entry.

The best way to know if is to maintain contact with your company DMPO and provide the requested information.


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