In an environment which says that banks will not lend, or just give them to people who do not need, you should take into account a number of things to come when our usual bank in order to borrowing.

Justify the expense: always accompany a quote or pro forma invoice we want to pay with the money and reason why the loan. Reforms, vehicles or studies are more valued than, say, of course travel.

Set the maximum amount to be ordered: criteria to measure our ability to go into debt are more stringent, so that unlike a few years ago, we ask for the money strictly necessary, ie the minimum possible and forget to ask for extra money.

Payroll is the best guarantee: on personal loans, the guarantee is our earnings and marriages if married in community of property, those of both, so that recurring and stable income are a very important point. Have a permanent contract and seniority requirements are currently inexcusable.

Return it as soon as possible: it is a difficult balance, because the ability to pay means that in theory is valued more pay less fee. But if you cut the term as possible, we will pay less interest and will amortize more quickly, which is safer for the bank.

Repayment insurance and payment protection, a mandatory condition: even for small amounts of life insurance to guarantee the repayment of loans in case of death or disability are compulsory recruitment. It is also often “forced” to take out payment protection insurance, which covers fees for one year in case of staying unemployed.

Additional guarantees: in the case of a personal credit means more speakers or guarantors. Properties able to provide guarantors, pledge (guarantee payment of the loan with other assets) shares, deposits of relatives or other liability is a guarantee of success.

The lowest amount, the minimum period and maximum guarantees in the current environment are key to finally get a personal loan.

Compare: the conditions of several financial institutions and see what the loan that best fits our needs, we can generally think that all


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