Answering these questions truthfully:

1.) Does your spouse or partner complain that they spend too much?

2.) Are you surprised each month when your credit card becomes much more pronounced than you thought you had?

3.) Do you have more shoes and clothes in your closet that you could possibly take?

4.) Are you the owner of each new gadget before it has time to collect dust on the shelf of a retailer?

5.) Do you buy things you did not know you wanted until you saw on display in a store?

If you answered “yes” to two of the questions above, you are an impulse spender and indulge yourself in retail therapy.

This is not a good thing. That prevents you from saving for the important things like a house, a new car, vacation or retirement. You must set some financial goals and resist spending money on things that do not really matter in the long term.

Impulse spending not only a burden on their finances but your relationships, too. To overcome the problem, the first thing to do is learn to separate your needs from their wants.

Advertisers bombard us selling their products at us 24 / 7. The trick is to take a period of reflection before buying anything that you have not anticipated.

When shopping, make a list and make enough money to pay for what you plan to buy. Leave your credit cards at home.

If you see something you think you really need, given two weeks to decide if it is really something you need or something you can do without. Following this simple solution, you fix your financial fences and your relationships.


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